Ashland City Schools LPDC

Providing Certification and License Renewal for  Ashland City Schools Educators, Ashland County - Ohio. 

Philosophy and Statement of Beliefs

Continuous improvement of student learning and achievement shall drive professional staff development by:
  • being consistent with the Ashland City Schools' Continuous Improvement Plan and building missions and goals.
  • establishing the relationship between quality professional development and improved practice.
  • building a solid foundation of knowledge and skills for growth and movement within the profession.
  • reflecting research and utilizing data providing opportunity for inquiry, reflection, and mentoring.
  • emphasizing new learning, innovations (i.e.,technology),and increased personal responsibility.
  • recognizing that professional growth is a career-long process.



  • Linda McKibben,Co-Chair, Director of Curriculum
  • Trudi Tilton, Co-Chair, Ashland Middle School
  • Mindy Clever, Reagan Elementary School
  • Devon Mowry, Edison Elementary School
  • Steve Paramore, Asst. Principal, Ashland Middle School
  • Melissa Baker, Ashland High School
  • Tim Keller, Asst. Principal, Taft Intermediate School


LPDC Committee Members Schedule 2019-2020.pdf


Glossary of Terms

Appeals Process