Principal's Message

Krist Manley

Dear Edison Families,
   On behalf of the entire Edison Primary Staff, I would like to welcome you to the 2016-2017 school year!  This school year will be one of excitement, inquiry, educational advancement, and respect for all students.  As a part of the Edison learning community you will find we promote an educational culture that demonstrates safe, welcome, and master teaching in all of our classrooms.  Students will be challenged this year with rigor while being supported every step of the way.
   Primary school teaches students the necessary academics they need to be successful, but another important part of grades kindergarten through third is teaching the social skills.  Primary students are just learning their personal space and boundaries, how to resolve conflict, understanding emotions, and acquiring self-help skills.  At Edison, we believe strongly in positive reinforcements and teaching our students the appropriate way to deal with their emotions.  Please understand that it is our job to teach while keeping everyone safe.
   I am pleased to welcome some new staff members to Edison.  Mrs. Howman will be one of our new 1st grade teachers while Mr. Howman (no relation to Mrs. Howman) will move from 2nd grade to 1st.  Mrs. Sanders will be a new small group instructor.
   The school hours for students are 8:25-3:20.  Students who will be walking home will be dismissed at 3:10 before the orange and blue loop begin operating.  
   My office is always open and we encourage family support in the educational process. If you have any questions please call Edison Elementary at 419-289-7965.
Krist Manley
Edison Principal