Kroc Center Farm to Family Program

Kroc Center Farm to Family Program

The Salvation Army has been invited to participate in a special program that was launched in response to the many Farmers who are not able to maintain their livelihood due to COVID 19.  Under the Farmers to Families program, FoodBanks across America will receive free food to be distributed to local Food Pantries throughout the United States.  The Cleveland Foodbank will offer these food commodities to The Salvation Army, Hunger Network and St. Vincent DePaul.

The Salvation Army will receive weekly deliveries of the items listed below.  Our client households will receive each of the three assorted boxes in addition to their bag of groceries.  

·        Dairy boxes ( assorted milk, yogurt, cheese, butter and more) 20 lbs

·        Produce boxes (Fruits and vegetables and more) 30 lbs

·        Frozen meat boxes ( pre-cooked frozen meat of various kinds) Lbs. not determined