Principal's Message

Krist Manley

Dear Edison Families,
   On behalf of the entire Edison Primary Staff, I want to thank you for a great school year!  This school year was one of excitement, inquiry, educational advancement, and respect for all students.  Our students were presented with many educational challenges and opportunities.  Our sports theme carried into the classrooms -- we truly are a team! 
   It is hard to believe this year has concluded.  Summer, a time for relaxation and rejuvenation, is here.  Hopefully your child will have plenty of time to play outdoors, read, and make new friends.   Childhood is a time of wonder, exploration, and imagination. 
   We look forward to returning in August for a 2019-2020 school year full of new beginnings and promise.
   My office is always open and we encourage family support in the educational process. If you have any questions please call Edison Elementary at 419-289-7965.
Krist Manley
Edison Principal