Auditorium Rental Information

Ashland High School has two auditoriums, Robert M. and Janet L. Archer Auditorium and the Little Theater.  We are in Ashland, Ohio.

The 1002-seat Robert M. and Janet L. Archer Auditorium opened in 2015.  This modern facility is the preferred venue for concerts and music events.  For detailed information, see Archer Auditorium Technical Information.  Archer Auditorium has limited availability at certain times of the year—February, April, May, and December are particularly busy.  Contact Philip McNaull, auditorium manger, at or 419-289-4506 to check availability and for any questions.

The Little Theater seats 310 and was part of the original high school building.  This venue is ideal for meetings, recitals, and other events with smaller audiences.  When planning summer events, keep in mind that the Little Theater is not air conditioned.  For detailed information, see Little Theater Technical Information.  Contact Jason Goings, high school assistant principal, at or 419-289-7968 to check availability.  You may also contact Philip McNaull at the address above for technical questions.

For rental fees, policies, and the rental application form, download the Ashland City Schools Facility Use Guideline booklet.  The application form is on page 11.